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We are Matt & Marie, Family & Lifestyle Photographers.

 A husband and wife duo, partners in travel, parenthood, and creative ventures.

Currently serving the Greater Toronto Area & Beyond.

We believe that moments soon become memories, and memories

should be captured.

To us, photographs hold space for all the simple in-between, as well as the momentous occasions.

We are happy you have come across our work and we would love to hear from you if you feel we are the right fit to document your

Family Story!


We are happy you found us.

Always a fan of Micheal J. Fox, he said something that has formed one of our life's motto's.

"Family is not an important thing. It is everything". 


We are lovers of nature, travel, simple moments, as well as great adventures. 

We aim to capture the moments of Family Life, that will tell your Family Story.

We look forward to getting to know you and your family.  


Learn more about us and our story here.

Document your memories with a Family Film

Film captures the sounds, movements, and emotions of family life. The sound of your baby's giggle, their wobble as they learn to walk, a busy family outing to your favorite park.  Set to licensed music and including some still images from the session, these Family Films make the most precious family keepsake. 

"From the second she walked up to our home our children were comfortable with her. She put together a beautiful video of our family everyday life, so perfectly. Everything from the sweet moments to the little things we will remember many years from now. So much of this year has been challenging and we really wanted to be reminded of this stage of life and all the beauty in the chaos. We look forward to working with Marie again. She was fantastic with the kids and her work is truly beautiful." 

-Melissa W.

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